Monday, 6 April 2015

Muscle Gain Tips. How I Built Up Quickly.

A Few key words of advice I will provide to all my readers on how I built up quickly. Make sure you increase your food intake. If you are a light eater I understand this can be difficult at first. But food is the essential ingredient to building muscle. I eat a lot of protein, vegetables and also mix in carbs. The trick is to make sure your workouts are intense. I push myself for close to one hour in each session, with five sessions being performed per week. 

These sessions include:

- 10-15 Minute Walk / Very light run. 

- 45 Minutes of weights. All kind of weights. One day I will focus on chest and shoulders. The next day arms. The next day more focus on legs and abs. Essentially I try to do chest and arms twice a week. 

- It is also important to understand your body. Several times my muscles have felt close to tearing. But what I do is essentially have a rest day as soon as my muscles feel tight. Or I might skip upper body for two days and just focus on legs and walking/running. 

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