Monday, 6 April 2015

Super Foods To Help Build Muscle.

My list of key foods which I consume include:

(Pre Workout)

- Pasta. Wholemeal Bread. Tuna. I also make sure I have some form of caffeine before I work out. Usually it's a coffee. This gives me the extra energy to push myself when I'm at the gym.

- During workout I consume a lot of water. I drink the most water out of everyone at the gym. Water is essential to maintaining high energy levels and it's also essential during recovery.

- Post Work Out: This is my large meal. And I try to have this around 1 hour before I work out. Closer to finishing the workout is ideal. Usually specialist advise to eat within 30 minutes of a workout. Also remember to consume water and protein shakes during this time.

Muscle Gain Tips. How I Built Up Quickly.

A Few key words of advice I will provide to all my readers on how I built up quickly. Make sure you increase your food intake. If you are a light eater I understand this can be difficult at first. But food is the essential ingredient to building muscle. I eat a lot of protein, vegetables and also mix in carbs. The trick is to make sure your workouts are intense. I push myself for close to one hour in each session, with five sessions being performed per week. 

These sessions include:

- 10-15 Minute Walk / Very light run. 

- 45 Minutes of weights. All kind of weights. One day I will focus on chest and shoulders. The next day arms. The next day more focus on legs and abs. Essentially I try to do chest and arms twice a week. 

- It is also important to understand your body. Several times my muscles have felt close to tearing. But what I do is essentially have a rest day as soon as my muscles feel tight. Or I might skip upper body for two days and just focus on legs and walking/running. 

My Weight Loss Experience And Muscle Building Story

When I first graduated from school I was 65KG's. This is extremely skinny in my 6 foot frame.

From then on I began to put on weight. By the time I was 21 I was 95 KG's. I wasn't working out. I had no energy and I was well overweight. I had stopped playing cricket & Soccer and all other sports which I loved. 

By the time I got to 25. I had transformed myself into 95 KG's of muscle with little fat. I was working out each day at the gym. Mostly weights with little cardio. I will explain what I did with this over time. I essentially ate everything. But I worked out a lot. 

My main motivation videos which got me through my workouts where from Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzanegger & Floyd Mayweather Junior. Inspirational videos are important if you want to be inspired to reach your goals. 

- Work Out As Much As Possible. I currently do 5 weight sessions per week. 
- I also play soccer and cricket and do running weekly also. 
- Try eat healthy, but make sure you eat a lot if you are looking to put on muscle. If you are looking to lose weight like I was at the start, then try eat lean meats such as tuna and salmon. Make sure you are still having vegetables and salads like normal.